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The Mission of “Holy Land USA - Waterbury,” a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is to protect in perpetuity for Christian purposes the 18-acre site atop Waterbury’s Pine Hill known as Holy Land USA. In keeping with Attorney John Greco's original mission of presenting "a pictorial story of the life of Christ," Holy Land USA will continue by means of Masses, Christian prayer services, concerts and other mountaintop events to rebuild and restore this special place of prayer where the God of the Bible can be found. 


Seated atop Pine Hill in Waterbury, CT, Holy Land USA was originally developed by local attorney John Baptist Greco. With various attractions inspired by passages in the Bible, this park is meant to provide a peaceful place for the community to come together—and has been a historic site of the area for decades. 


While it has gone through a number of changes throughout the years, the one unending characteristic of Holy Land is its cross. Originally made of steel and standing at 56-feet tall, the first cross could be seen for miles and quickly became a part of Waterbury’s unique cityscape.


Later made of neon, Holy Land’s cross was replaced by a steel version in 2008 and once again returned to its roots with a color-changing LED cross in 2013. Visible from all over Waterbury, the Holy Land cross changes colors for various occasions and continues to be an identifiable characteristic for the community.

Watch the Holy Land History Video

Holy Land and its cross have been a constant icon of the Waterbury area for decades, but many are unaware of its rich history. In this video, you can hear from some of the major players in the creation and restoration of this historic site.

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Holy Land Today

Today, Holy Land USA is proudly a part of the revitalization of the City of Waterbury.

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Holy Land thrives on the support of community members like you. Your contribution will help promote the continued growth of this historic site.

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