Frequently Asked Questions


No matter your questions or concerns, the team at Holy Land is available to offer assistance. For the quickest guidance, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions below for information on volunteering, visiting and more.

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

Holy Land is not yet open to the public, but we are working to make that happen. You are welcome to park near the gate and walk around Holy Land during daylight hours. No trespassing is strictly enforced after sunset. We hope to have the park open during the day in 2019. The driving address is 60 Slocum Street, Waterbury CT.

Bill Fitzpatrick coordinates all onsite volunteer efforts. His email address is [email protected], and his cell phone number is 203-592-5951.

Chuck Pagano, Chairman for the Holy Land Board of Directors fields all media/research requests. His email address is [email protected], and his cell phone number is 203-597-7619.

All events must be coordinated in advance, and permission must be granted by the Holy Land Board of Directors. For more information, please call Holy Land at 855-377-7770 or email us at [email protected].

Holy Land USA
PO Box 828 
Waterbury, CT  06720

Founding Member: Fritz Blasius
Founding Member: Neil O’Leary
Chairman: Chuck Pagano
Vice Chairman: Joe Caiazzo
Treasurer: Lynn Ryan
Secretary: Jennifer Rose
Member: Rebecca Calabrese
Member: Catherine Awwad
Member: Len Mecca
Member: Vernon Riddick
Member: Garrett Casey
Member: Donald McPartland
Member: Nancy Baily
Member: Joe Pisani

The cross color is changed in accordance with the Catholic Liturgical Calendar, with limited exceptions such as promoting Autism and Breast Cancer awareness. As the cross color is intentionally set to represent these specific purposes, the color will not be changed for special requests, such as to promote an event or birthday.

Yes, Holy Land is a non-profit. For Tax Purposes, our Federal Tax ID # is 46-3161152. The organization is run by volunteers, and no salaries are paid.

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